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Heather Locklear & The Curious Case of #WhiteGirlWasted

If you have not heard anything from Heather Locklear lately, don’t fret.

She’s been busy being a bad girl.

F*ck what you heard about Rihanna, it is always more fun when white girls get #WhiteGirlWasted. But it is even more fun when it happens to the good girls you never would have expected to fall in the ditch and then cling to the bottle.

Enter Heather Locklear.

Enter intoxication.

Enter Good Girls Gone IGNUNT!

For those that have not been following, Locklear has had a tough go of it the last few years, with rehab a place that she no longer has to GPS. This past weekend, the former Melrose Place star was taken into custody again and charged with batter, for?

Opening a can of whoop ass on the police and the ambulance attendants that were attempting to help her out.


According to reports,  an “extremely intoxicated” Locklear reached out and touched a police officer with a light case of assault and then high-kicked an EMT professional in a move that would make even Sammie Jo proud. After posting bail at $20,000, the actress was released back into the wild, er Los Angeles.


Locklear has been in the rehab centers before for mental health issues and alcohol abuse as she fights personal demons that obviously continue to mount. With this her SIXTH time in rehab, perhaps she needs a lucky 7 times before she gets with the damn program?


But if you thought the saga of the wayward blondes ended there, think again! In a move that even makes Britney cling to her wig, Locklear almost faced her own 5150 hold after family members claimed she tried to end her life. Locklear has a court hearing on August 23rd and we say pray for her, because this is actually a snowflake that we like!


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Brace yourself.


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