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Heaux Confessionals

Heaux Confessionals: The Constitution

Heaux Confessionals

Even when my eyes are closed, I am always wide awake.

I have not slept for days…

The state of the world, the cries from my friends and family from every corner of the earth simply will not allow it. With my heart and soul this heavy, I have no choice but to release and relinquish.

This is my Constitution and it shall not be amended.

Living a life extraordinary is a daunting journey that cannot be done alone. Those that can read this have enabled me to live a life this singular in monumental ways that they may never fully know no matter how often and in so many ways I attempt to relay the message. They have comforted me through trials and tribulations that would make the common person falter. They have wiped my tears away when they couldn’t even grasp the concept of the valley I was in.

These are the people that I honor each and every day with my every fibre, my every heartbeat. These people encompass every facet of society: every race, every color, every religion, every country, but what we all in general share is the concept of communion and of having the ability to think outside the proverbial box. They are able to listen, take in, digest, dissect, and then disseminate what they hear, what they have learned, and go to the next level of ascension.

These people are not easy to find, are a pleasure to know, and cannot be taken for granted.

I have been cradled with those with conviction.

Heaux Confessionals

So, I cannot and do not take lightly when anyone in my circle is in any way, shape or form denounced, derided, bamboozled, cast aside for simply daring to be authentic. They are fighting the fight many times that others will benefit directly from, yet are too afraid to confront on the front lines.

I know that I must be the warrior even when fatigued. I must fight the good fight even when it doesn’t directly affect me.
There is a treasure in the trepidation. I have never been afraid to walk through the fire, and thusly, I know that that necessitates being raked over the coals. No element has missed this journey, and I have had my fair share – and then some – of missteps, misfires, and miscalculations.

Nothing and no one can or will ever deter me.

What I say now, after trying to find the words in several languages across the globe, is something that many may want to say, but cannot or will not. It is something that cannot just easily come from within themselves, although it may lie dormant there.

I don’t believe in wasting time. It is of the essence.

Heaux Confessionals

So now, I am calling out now and forever any part-time allies and willflully ignorant that refuse to educate themselves and weaponize their minds for good. I call out NOW anyone that refuses to take one step outside their box and realize there is another world out there that doesn’t resemble theirs and that they have the power to grasp on their own. Even if I am proud to be called an activist and I consider it my most important calling, at the end of the day, it is NOT my job to educate anyone on how to respect humanity and humans.

That burden is on YOU.

I always thought it was my voice through song that would connect people, and that is what I resolved it to BE for many years. Until I too had to go further than I ever had before to come to the realization that my talent is my voice, but my gift?

Is connection.

I know what I have been placed upon this earth to do and I do so without a single care in the world for what anyone else thinks. That is not my business or concern. My goal is to unite and align myself with those that are also in search of a better experience for us ALL, regardless of what they look like on the outside.

The time for second-guessing and the inconceivable have now passed and I insist on freeing up space for those that are ready to battle, for the time has come. If you are not one of those, then I ask that you respectfully step aside and take notes.

Soldiers are standing by.

Too many people here have seen the glitz and glamor of my life and never even think of the trauma and pain that occurred along the way to that moment. No matter how much beauty is seen to the naked eye, there is always the debris of despair that many refuse to put a microscope too.

I am unafraid to share both sides of that coin.

But not everyone wants to flip both sides.

This is my calling. It should be the calling for anyone that is human.

That isn’t the reality.
If you have a problem with Jews?
They are my brethren.


If you have issues with LGBT+ people?
They are to be respected.

There’s the door.

If you don’t like Indians, Asians, Aboriginals?

Exit stage left.

If you don’t want immigrants within your borders?


For anyone that thinks I excluded them, think again and blame my head and not my heart.

And so on and so forth.

However you’ve met me and whatever you know me as, know that I’m a layered person and if you cannot handle any of these layers or learn about them to at least respect them, it really is quite simple.

You cannot sit with me.

I am a man of action as well as words and I stand behind, beside, in front of, and next to all of them.

You will take it all.

Or take NOTHING.

There will be no mincing of my words – especially in these trying times.


Triston is an American jetset performance artist, writer, event organizer, and activist based in Europe. As a freelance journalist, he has covered both the underground and mainstream aspects of the arts, culture, music, entertainment, travel, fashion and Fashion Week in several cities, including New York, London, Berlin, Istanbul, Sydney, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Tokyo to name a few. He has been published in The Huffington Post, Trespass (London), Adaras Magazine (Miami) as well as featured in publications such as the New York Times, Vogue Italia, Washington Post, Turkish Huriyet and other on-line and print magazines in the U.S. and internationally. He recently released his memoir on life in Europe, 'Heaux Confessionals'. As a solo performer and with his band $kandal Du$t, he has toured in some of the world's most renowned clubs, simultaneously maintaining an underground renaissance, blurring the lines of all that is traditional and leaving his indelible, and ultimately unforgettable impression. There is no divide.

Brace yourself.


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