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‘As The THOT Turns’, Episode #36: Kim’s Community Throat

If only all of those bastard abortions could speak!

But, bless the heaux fairies, these kids have not been released upon the planet. Instead, they have traveled through her esophagus, down past her store-bought tittyballs, further down and through her bowels, and out her community chocha.

Now, it is not exactly a secret that Kim Kardashian has been clicking’ and tricking’ since blood first left her nether-hole, but we always thought this whore had a bit of self-respect. That she at least turned a few rappers a way.

And as it turns out, she did. Just not that damn many! Like yo’ mama always said: “watch out for those quiet ones. They’re the ones quiet for a reason.”

And yo’ mama was right because it’s hard to be loud when your southern crevice turns into the community throat for all comers.

Enter Kim.

Enter peen.

Exit The Game.

Sources in the know claim that The Game was warned to change the lyrics to his latest release unless he wanted to have beef with Kanye West. But since Kanye has been beaten within an inch of his life the last year, The Game probably felt like one more blow wouldn’t be that bad. The lyrics to the song go something like this:

 “I held Kim Kardashian by the throat, n****. I made her swallow my kids until she choked, n****.” 

Now, I know some of you heauxz out there are probably saying, “You KNOW that bitch didn’t choke, gag, or spill any of that sperm!”, but you all are just mean and nasty.

So, of course I saved you a seat and some tea!

So far, Kimye have had no comment. But that’s probably because they don’t want receipts to roll out or a sex tape to hit the streets.

Stay tuned!

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Brace yourself.


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