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Meghan McCain & The Rhetoric Of Republitards

Dear Meghan:

Where does one begin with the platter of f*ckery you continue to dish out and serve on an almost daily basis?

In the grand tradition of #Nepotistas of her time (cue Amy Schumer, Ivanka Trump, and other #SaltinesOfSorcery), your high and mighty stand on your place in the world and how you got there is the blind spot to end all blind spots.

It doesn’t matter, Meghan, if you’re serving it out of a platinum ladle, the mac & cheese you brought to the cookout (who invited you anyway?) is still bland, basic as f*ck, and lacks proper marination.

Similar to your rhetoric.


You have yet to get the point when it comes to Trump and the Republican party and it’s really quite simple:

You can be a Republican and completely detach yourself from this administration and not be a traitor to your party. Yes, it is possible! As you like to remind viewers every other day: you are not aligned with Trump-ism and don’t like it. So, if you don’t like it, then don’t defend it!


How hard is that concept to grasp?!


If you really wanted to create your own legacy – instead of straddling the shoulders of your father’s – you would stop scrambling, angling, and hanging on for dear life to the current beleaguered Republican party and start a new one.

Check a history book or two, Meghan, because?

New parties?

New coalitions?

CAN happen!

But we know you won’t do that, #Nepotista©, because that would mean less riding on the coattails of John McCain’s name and service, and forging your own path that would include possible uncertainty, introspection, roadblocks, and obstacles. In other words, things that you have never had to deal with as an entitled white woman in your entire, whole-ass, privileged life!



Because do you really think you would be on national TV every week if your last name was not McCain? Do you really think your poorly executed arguments would even get so much as half a glance if you had not flown out of the hole of another privileged white woman? Computer says?

N to the O!

Every time you shout over the other woman on The View, it becomes increasingly more clear how out of place (as well as out of line) you truly are. Every time you whine about being outnumbered as the lone conservative on the show, it becomes abundantly clear that you shouldn’t be anywhere near that panel. I don’t remember Nicholle Wallace or Jedediah Bila screaming and hollering every other day on a morning television program. But then again, when you are this spoiled and entitled?

It is to be expected.

5 of these 6 women have made it through hard work, determination, and perseverance…


The women on The View all have built careers that are theirs and theirs alone. None of them have careers that depend on a family member’s name recognition. None of the other women on The View (both past and present) have gotten to where they are simply because of birthright. You claim to be a minority on the show and even that is a stretch.

So you are a woman, but?

As a woman of the 1%.
As a woman with the last name McCain.
As a woman that has never really had to struggle with a career.

How real was that struggle?


How bitter do you seem every time Obama’s name is mentioned and you recoil as if someone has said “Bloody Mary” three times? The bitterness and shade is written all over your face. Is that your family’s as a collective or yours alone since your father’s non-ascension to the highest position in the world means less doors you can fling yourself through without merit as you bask in nepotism? Perhaps you should blame your father’s VP pick for not reaching that position instead of attempting to hurl Obama and his administration under a bus.

Go ahead.

Say her name.

Allow us to help…

Sarah Palin: because even Mavericks…make mistakes!

If you thought we were finished, think again…

You claim to be a mentor for up and coming pundits, and implore them to know their worth and not be afraid to ask for the money they deserve, but let’s get real here, Meghan:

HOW much money would your ‘voice’ truly be worth if it weren’t connected to your father?

You know the answer.

These up and coming pundits don’t (or most likely do not) have the luxury of having a father they can just whip out any time they’re in the ditches on an argument.

You seem to have a blind spot for all things Paul Ryan, claiming he is a true man of the party, yet anyone blessed with even half of their senses can see the direct opposite. You may deem him f*ckable, yet most deem him as f*cking the American people over.


Newsflash, Meghan?

Paul Ryan ain’t sh*t and anyone that supports him ain’t sh*t either.

Are you smoking bayou bath salts with your core base or what?!

Ain’t nobody got time for your crocodile, Republican tears of sheer f*ckery and madness. Some of us know what the words marginalization and hypocrisy mean. We are waiting for the day that Joy Behar slaps you with a dictionary.

You can always run back to the safety of Fox News and rant on and on to an audience that lacks GEDs, high school diplomas, or even a family tree that forks. In other words, the safety net. But we’re too pressed about you, Miss Meghan, because your days are probably numbered at The View because it is clear you’re hanging on by a tear and a tear.

So take a little time and enjoy that view while you can!





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Brace yourself.


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