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Brad Pitt SNATCHED By SIenna Miller?

Brad Pitt

If the deluge of reports are anything close to reality, it looks as if Sienna Miller and Brad Pitt might be doin’ it! Now, before we jump to conclusions that they’ve jumped in the sack together, bear in mind that Sienna Miller has been linked with nearly every man in …

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Dr. Luke Drops Lawsuits Against Kesha’s Mother


  This may not be the end of their feud, but it appears that Dr. Luke is backing up quite a bit from their previously more contentious beefs. According to reports, the producer has decided to drop his defamation lawsuits against Kesha’s mother, and they released a joint statement:   …

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‘As The THOT Turns’, Episode #26 – When The Crevice Caves In

What do most women do when their uterus says HELL NO to any more occupants? They close f*ckin’ shop, don’t they? Well, not this tra-la-lop. Not this THOT. When her nether-region says “Bye, Felicia”, alternative routes are planned. Enter Kim Kardashian. Enter Famewhore Central. Enter the surrogate! The woman who would …

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