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CrossFit Athlete Sara Sigmundsdóttir Celebrates Return To Form In Swimsuit Posts

Sara Sigmundsdóttir

The CrossFit champion has successfully recovered from injury to return to top form

Sara Is Back In Contention After Injury

Sara Sigmundsdóttir

Just in time for the CrossFit Games in 2022, Sara Sigmundsdóttir, also known as Sara Sigmunds, has made a stunning recovery from her injuries, and in a few posts on her social media, she has let her fans know that the current year is all about returning to prominence in a sport that is grueling and intense.

New Beginning, New Discoveries

Sara Sigmundsdóttir

Sara Sigmundsdóttir is a breath of fresh air in the CrossFit world, and she is known for maintaining a sunny demeanor even through adversity. One of her most endearing qualities that fans comment about is her ability to always stay positive no matter what the circumstances. The Icelandic weightlifter never gives up and is always up for a new challenge. As proof, she even took time out while in Abu Dhabi to try surfing for the first time, and shared the moment on her Instagram for her nearly 2 million followers.

Breaking Into CrossFit

Sara Sigmundsdóttir

Her fans have seen her come back with a new fitness routine that includes working out three times a day in addition to her other duties as an activewear designer. The athlete stays busy and at only 29 years of age, she is already a two-time medalist at the CrossFit Games, a three-time regional champion at CrossFit, and serves as an inspiration to female athletes who go against the grain. Admittedly, she is more determined than ever before to prove her mettle.

Sigmundsdóttir fell into CrossFit by accident, but from there, she has gone far and beyond what was expected of her, and now that she has performed and placed well, she has her sights on bigger goals in 2022 and her physical fitness is at the forefront of her mind. To date, one of the highlights of her career has been making her first foray into the event with the CrossFit Games in 2015.

The CrossFit athlete has made up her mind that her primary goal is to finish in the top five for the Games, and she feels as if she is in a great place after coming back to the sport after suffering an injury. Her social media followers have watched her battle back and push herself back to health, and now that she has reached her fitness goal, Sara is set on cracking the top echelon of the sport and inspiring women everywhere.

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