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Sonic SLAP Exclusive: Aliky, In Her Words



– You grew up in the Bay Area, but you now live in LA. How are the two scenes different?
The Bay Area is home, when I’m there I feel the love I can relax, regroup and plan out goals. LA is work and business LA is the grind. When I’m in LA I feel like I can’t sleep or relax or else I may miss my opportunity. When I’m in LA there’s always a little voice in my head saying “sleep is for the weak.” When I’m in the bay I always sleep and I work when I feel like it. There is where I set the plans LA is where I take action. There’s so many connections here this is definitely the place to network if you play your cards right.
– Listening to your music, I definitely hear a tinge of dirty south and east coast influences. Which artists from the the other side of the U.S. influenced your music?
It’s so crazy because I’m such an R&B type of chick, if I knew how to sing I’d definitely be killing the game as a singer lol. As far as my rap influences I’d have to say Trina for sure, Khia, and Meek Mill.

Aliky – Shut It Down featuring Symba 

– Women in hip hop are still at a very small number. What does it take to be a female in the rap game?
It’s extremely hard to be a female in the rap game, but anything is possible. I feel like it’s all about how bad you want it. Shit if you want it that bad it might not be as hard for some. There’s a majority of men in this music industry so when we cross paths with some of them of course there’s guys who are attracted to us women and they want to sell you a dream if you fuck with them which make situations irritating. I hear from men in the industry all the time, “How do you think so and so got to where she at now. She did x y and z and dated blah blah blah.” But me I don’t be on that shit I just keep it moving and continue working with the people I’ve built genuine relationships with over the years. I salute those females in the rap game that made it and held it down, much respect.
– If you could do a collaboration with any artists, past or present, dead or alive…who it it be and why?
If I could collab with any artist ever I would say Nicki Minaj, Ty$, Rae Sremmurd, Meek Mill, Tupac, YG.  Nicki because I like her style I feel like she’s such a creative, Rae Sremmurd because they remind me of myself and I’d think we’d put on a great show together. Their energy brings out the old Aliky people from the bay know me as hyper, turnt up, and a dance machine lol. Meek Mill because I really enjoy his music and I love the way clubs go up when his songs, or verses come on. Tupac cus he spit some real as shit and I definitely want to challenge myself to do some songs where I’m spitting some real real shit that most people around the world can relate to and not just turn up music. And YG cus he so gangsta and I always call myself the girl yg. When producers ask me what type of songs I’m trying to make I tell them think YG but me haha.
– How do you feel about the ‘cultural appropriation’ of hip hop by artists like Iggy Azalea and the direction of the industry in general?
I definitely feel like the recognition that artist like her get for mimicking our culture is unfair, but this music industry is at such a different place these days that you kind of expect the things that have been happening that we don’t agree with. It is what it is, we just have to stay true to ourselves and remain focused, we’ve always had to work twice as hard anyway.
– Which artist was most inspirational to your rap career?
Meek Mill, YG, Nicki Minaj, Trina
– Name your favourite hip hop albums.
 Kanye West – Graduation, YG – My Krazy Life,  Drake – Thank Me Later
– How do you feel about the n-word in hip hop music?
There are people who feel that we shouldn’t use the N-word in hip hop music but I use it often. When I’m writing lyrics in certain areas it just flows naturally, I guess I use it in my vocabulary too much. I’ve actually been trying to cut back on using it recently because I don’t want radio stations to have to bleep it out all the time if I ever get radio play.
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