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The Breakdown: The Trump Train and the Uncomfortable Silences



aka The Double Standards of the Mainstream Media Towards the Overall General Public


The question of the day seems to be nearly every day:


which minority group will Trump hurl racial slurs at?


Because it doesn’t take a genius to read between the lines and snort them when it comes to Trump all but calling Ted Cruz a Hispanic that cannot be trusted. His position on Muslims is crystal clear, and so as the media continues to throw Trump into the homes of every American that manages to even steal cable, this issue must be addressed:


why is Trump allowed to spew his hatred en masse as other minorities with questionable messages 86’ed from access?


Maybe Paul Mooney has the answer…


Paul Mooney:


“When you have the complexion for the protection for the collection, that white skin would protect you.”



If you cannot remember the last time a presidential candidate was this blatantly racist, it is primarily because there haven’t been any or you weren’t born yet. Either way, it is more than just a bit unsettling that here we sit in 2015, with a black President in the White House, and this is what we are subjected to in the media. This goes beyond just a ‘follow the money’ concept that is typical of American culture. Could it be that Trump’s message of racism is being used as a litmus test to see just how far those can go without alienating their rich core base?



for those unsure, FYI? Silence…is VIOLENCE!



Rewind only a few years ago and it was Paris Hilton caught using the n-word, but because she was driving sales of publications all over the world up, the media continued to celebrate and elevate her fame to the point of near public asphyxiation. Why was this allowed to carry on?


We already know the answer.



Louis Farrakhan isn't dead. He's just been banned from mainstream media
Louis Farrakhan isn’t dead. He’s just been banned from mainstream media



Now, back to Trump…


For every major publication that claims that Trump is racist? They still give him headlines and front page ones at that. Would they do the same if Farrakhan was the person in question?


We already know the answer.


It doesn’t matter if Trump is not being taken seriously by some. It doesn’t matter if he may not be a truly viable candidate in many people’s eyes. The fact remains is that he has been given a huge platform to spew his hate, and his large group of supporters is even further proof at just how far this country has to go but even more upsetting?


How little has changed.



Paris Hilton: proof that when you're white and racist, somehow, your checks keep a-coming
Paris Hilton: proof that when you’re white and racist, somehow, your checks keep a-coming

Anyone that supports him is basically supporting a Klansman with the sheet boldly yanked off.



So with social media at the fingertips of nearly everyone these days, there is lots that can be done outside of mainstream media to end the Trump Train of F*ckery.


Boycott any Trump hotels. Boycott any companies that continue to use Trump industries of any kind. Make them accountable for supporting a racist and then the world will see how quickly the Trump Train…





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