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The Goodie Bag of Las Vegas: The Taste of Sin City!





One never knows what will be found in Sin City! And although I was there to catch a show from musical act Aliky, upon entering the venue, I was slapped sideways by a display of treats that featured the recently announced Caitlyn Jenner. Sensing a story, I approached the booth, inquired away, and got the full story on Yliana Marin and The Goodie Bag of Las Vegas.


What was the inspiration behind Goodie Bag?


This all started out as a craft which I enjoyed as well as so many others who I shared my Collections with.  It began as a hobby but as time went on my love and passion grew into wanting to share my chocolate craft with everyone.  I love to smile and joy our chocolates bring to all who indulge.  As days, weeks, months and years past I am happy to say that so many are requesting our “Goodies” for their events, occasions and celebrations.




What do you think about Caitlyn Jenner’s emergence as an LGBT leader?



I am very happy that Caitlyn Jenner decided to come out and make her transition public.  There are so many who struggle with gender issues, who throughout that struggle have suffered and continue to suffer hatred and unacceptance from other human beings because they are different.  Just because they are different in their thoughts, feelings and actions no one deserves to be tortured and ridiculed by physical abuse which at times has led to death or they end their struggle and torture by taking their own lives.  Everyone should be free to make their own choices on who they choose to be and who they choose to love.  We don’t have to necessarily agree with their choices but we should always be kind and respect the choices of other’s whether we agree or not.  Caitlyn is a public figure and through her recognition she just might be able to reach so many victims and help those who truly suffer in positive ways.  I am a “live” and “let live” kind of woman.



Are there other celebrities on the horizon to be featured on cookies?



My Collections are chocolate, not cookies, and they are made of the finest tasting ingredients.  The Goodie Bag of Las Vegas does not make cookies at this time but who knows maybe in the future it could be something to consider.


I create chocolate novelties and confections.  As for other celebrities that would be absolutely amazing as I welcome all who would like to share the ultimate in unique gift ideas and keepsakes.  The great thing about these chocolates is that I am able to feature any image whether celebrities, professional teams such as NFL, NBA, MLB and so much more as there is no limit as to the images that can be featured on the chocolate confections.





Las Vegas is known as the city of sin and scandal and these treats are just that. What has been the local reaction?



The reaction of locals as well as tourists have been very positive as our Collections are unique and is a great addition which can be tailored to work well within any type of sinful and scandalous event as well as any social event, occasion, party, celebration, gathering and the list goes on…  The reaction whether local or nationwide has been well received.



Any advice for any burgeoning entrepreneurs out there?



Of course… to never quit, always stay motivated and continue to plant those seed’s as with care and perseverance they will grow into your dreams.  Don’t ever take NO for an answer.  Don’t get discouraged as the time you put in will eventually pay off.





What is your background as a confectioner?



I’ve been working with chocolate and other confections since the year 2000.  I have always loved baking and making tasty treats as well as witnessing the reactions from all those who taste and enjoy my “Goodies”.



What is the craziest story you have while running The Goodie Bag?



Believe it or not… I hear this every day from people who still have trouble believing that our “Goodies” are actually chocolate as well as edible.  Most of the people who see the edible images can’t seem to understand that everything I make is edible, from the images to the glitter.  So many have commented that they’ve never seen anything like this before.  I love bringing something new.




To get your own specialized taste of Sin City, The Goodie Bag of Las Vegas also takes orders for delivery, no matter where you are.




The Goodie Bag Las Vegas




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